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A pixelated side scrolling horror game. The goal is to sneak around the house and set up traps to stop a monster from killing you. The monster in the game doesn't continuously chase you, he wanders randomly around the house until he sees you or you make too much noise, if he does see you he will chase you but if you can hide in time or get away he will go back to wandering. If you make too much noise he will go to the place the noise was made at, and if he doesn't find you there than he goes back to wandering. The game switches between the real world, and the mind world (pixelated). There are a total of 6 endings, two are if you are caught by the monster or run out of time. And getting the other 4 depends on how fast you can beat the game. There is way more to the game than that but I want to surprise you. :) Menu Controls:
Arrows Keys - Navigate
Enter - Select
Hold Space - Skip Cutscenes
For more detail on controls, Go to Options Screen and Go Down to View Tutorial.

Made by @AquaNightGames


Ambageila.exe 7 MB


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Pretty fun stuff.

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Made a video with a new link because the other one didn't work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8n2gdmUAs58

Thank you for playing my game. I like the overlay of faces you did on the video thumbnail. :) I really enjoyed watching your video. I thought it was funny when you walked into the bird like 3 times in a row. :D Thank you for playing my game.